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Series Glycol Purification



Water Glycol Purification System


Available for Short Term or Long Term Hire


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A bespoke built water/glycol purification system, the frame is fabricated from plain carbon and is powder coated: RAL 5004 (Blue Black) with braked swivel heels for mobility.

The multi-stage centrifugal pump draws contaminated fluid into the system through a 1" BSPM connections c/w ball valve and is passed through the magnet filter and then on through 1 x size 1 filter vessel.

A differential pressure gauge/switch is fitted across the bag filter vessel to allow the operator to monitor the filter media life via a traffic light type display.

Once the filter media is fully blocked, the pressure switch will shut the system down alerting the operator via the red LED on the control panel.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable Content

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